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Creative Developer

KRISTI  has been an active Minnesota hockey mom for nearly 27 years and knows from experience through raising two hockey players and two competitive cheerleaders, that injuries, muscle strains, and sore bodies are inevitable.

Her story will tell that food allergies, skin sensitivities, toxins, and harmful chemicals all effect muscle recovery and over-all health. 

Kristi is passionate about helping others learn how crucial  healthier self-care choices are for their best all around wellness. 

"My family is one of yours and I believe simple healthier choices  everyday, make healthier and happier humans. I want to help people through sharing my story, my experiences, and now my self-care products."


Our Story

In a world where we are constantly subjected to harmful chemicals in self-care products
Body-Trick is dedicated to providing better choices for safe and pure products that you can feel good about using.

We understand that being mindful of what we rub into our skin, and the cleanliness of our environment, is on the minds of many. This is why Body-Trick developed a line of non-toxic products with natural ingredients, and specific essential oils that are safe for the entire family.

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