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- Relieve Muscle Pain

- Reduce Joint Injury

- Cleaner Locker Room

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Pain. Inflammation. Clean. Deodorize.

BT Promotes wellness by working with the natural occurring healing and health of the body.


Penalty Kill All Around Sports Cleaner
  • $18.95
  • $15.00
Muscle Goals
  • $21.95
MSM Rebound Cream
  • $29.99
All in One Kit - For the Best Hockey Body
  • $30.00


Revelaction All Around Spray Cleaner
  • $22.50
  • $20.00
Reprana Yoga Mat Bath
  • $18.95


At Body-Trick, we understand athletes and that by maintaining optimal body health we can live a higher quality of life. That includes keeping both personal care and surrounding environments free from harmful bacteria and toxic chemicals. 

Athletes experience pain and inflammation regualrily and we believe using self-care products that work with the body for recovery and healing, should NOT contain harmful chemicals. We also understand that our new normal includes all-around cleanliness. 

Body-Trick products include ethically sourced ingredients and are made with the health of our bodies and our planet in mind. Body-Trick's clean products mary the best of science and nature and are formulated to be non-toxic non-irritating and environmentally friendly.

We want athletic bodies to achieve their full potential and live life with passion and purpose.

NO Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Gluten, and Fragrances. PLUS our products are Hypoallergenic.

Body-Tricks lab is located in the Pacific Northwest and is a premium manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. We are a majority woman-owned business committed to sustainability and excellence. We offer responsibly-sourced ingredients that focus on quality, sustainability, and science-backed formulas with the benefit from some of the cleanest and best water in the world. 

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After shooting my shoulder gets a little stiff and my knee hurts a little after drills so I put MSM on it and I notice I feel better in like 20 minutes. My legs recover faster after practice too so I am not as sore.


My yogis love to use Reprana yoga mat cleaner after a hard sweaty workout. The studio smells amazing plus I don't worry about toxic chemicals and still get great results!

Steph O.

I use Rebound cream and the Icey Hot Muscle Gel before and after shooting.My shoulder does seem less stressed after my workout and the relief from the gel soothes and relaxes my shoulder all the way...

Zach Johnson

I freaked out when my hair thinned around my face! I used Rejuvalive and with in 2 months I had new hair coming in. Kiki told me the tonic detoxes my scalp and pores from makeup build up too!


I had 2 ankle surgeries during my 5 years of competitive cheerleading. Healing and recovery went so faster then I would have thought. I believe the MSM cream was healing my ankle faster!

Molly Joy

We do this because we care about you. We do this because we are one of you.

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