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In a world where we all are constantly subjected to harmful chemicals in SELF-CARE, WELLNESS, & CLEANING PRODUCTS, Body-Trick is dedicated to providing safe and natural products you can feel good about using. For athletes and yogis, we understand that being mindful of the cleanliness of gear, locker rooms, mats, and studios is our new normal. This is why Body-Trick created a line of non-toxic products derived from natural ingredients for all-around goodness. We encourage you to live a higher quality of life, playing your game, while maintaining optimal wellness. In doing so, your bodies, minds, and spirits will achieve full potential and allow you to live with passion and purpose.

Kristi Beugen


Kristi, also known as Kiki, is an active Minnesota hockey mom and former Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader who often credits her four competitive kids, and her families journey through allergies and skin sensativities as the inspiration behind Body-Trick. She loves cheering others on to be thier best, the game of hockey, yoga, all around beauty, and help others feel better inside and out. Kiki has over 32 years of experience in the beauty product industry is a cosmetologist and beauty salon owner, and now has pivoted full-time in developing her own brand of naturally derived products that promote wellness and deliver real results.

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About Us