What the heck is MSM anyway?

MSM is an organic sulfer found in the body. This sulfer helps create more blood-flow to injured areas. When a joint or muscle gets overly stressed after a hard work out, or because of an injury, the body naturally jumps into action which unfortunately causes painful inflammation. Our bodies were created to heal itself from the inside out and can be a slow process, but so important for future strength and health of joints and muscles.

Today our sports, coaches and even Dr.'s rush to get athletes back in the game many times causing worse problems later. When MSM is applied to sore joints and muscles the body recognizes it driving more intention to ramp up blood flow support, which will take down inflammation. Many topical pain relief creams and freezes contain hidden carcinogens, formaldehyde, and hormone disruptors. When artificial and toxic ingredients are used over and over they settle into the tissue and because the body doesn't know what to do with the buildup, it sits never to be eliminated sometimes causing life threatening issues later.