Covid Hair loss

Post Covid, post vaccination hair loss is a real concern, and it is happening. About 90% of hairfall due to covid is due to a condition called Telogen Effluvim and happens when the body is subjected to stress, virus, mediactions and forgein chemicals. The good news is that hair will grow back, the better news is that caring for your scalp will help hair grow back faster and stronger.

Of course detoxing the entire body is the first palce to start flushing toxins married to Covid and the vaccination. A simple way to consistantly support the natural cleansing process of the body is add 1/2 cup of lemon juice to the water you drink through out your day. 

Most importantly, to encourage healthy regrowth of hair is to detox the scalp. Like brushing your teeth everyday to keep plaque away, so the same with hair follicles. Toxins, make up, moisturizers, and sweat bacteria naturally settle into the follicles, especially around the face. When hair follicles are clogged for more than a 6 month period the follicle dies, once a hair follicle dies, hair can't ever grow from it again.

Body-Trick's Rejuvalive Tonic was developed with purpose and natural goodness in mind. I have had many clients over the years shed hair and I myself had servere hair breakage and covid shedding. I treid many products claiming renewal and growth but I didnt feel great about applying them on a daily basis to my scalp because of all the questionalbe junk absorbing into my body.

Hair is technically dead when it comes out of the follicle, it is defenseless against envirovental damage.  BT Tonic protects the hair shaft as it grows out and makes hair swing with lots of shine. I apply my tonic onto my scalp at night which allows it to work while I sleep, and I spray my bedtime high pony for additional nummy benefits.