How 'Penalty Kill' Came To Be

I am a mom of athletes, lots of them... Two hockey players and two competitive cheerleaders. I am an athlete of sorts myself, or at least I like to think I am. In my experience raising kids in sports I smelt some pretty awefull smells and have tried many sprays and ways to emlinate odors but became super concerned by the ingredients in many common adversaries. 

I have allergies and so do my kids so when I started to make connections to skin issues and respitory challenges after using prodcuts to clean and deodorize our sport gear, I got to researching. I used essential oils and more natural products getting better results and so I decided these simple and pure ingredients could be a way for me to develop my own solutions.

Penealty Kill is named because there several penalties on the body when using products that contain toxins we breathe in unknowingly. My son developed a cough each hockey season that many days impacted his hockey game. I discovered he had a mold issue and went to work with his high school athletic department to clean up the vinatge ice arena of impending and standing mold. I learned alot about mold and mold spores and decided one bleach clean wasn't goin to be enough for my son.  

Penalty Kill goes past the odors and mold spores but also helps emliminate fungus and bacteria. Bacteria became another issue for my son's sensative skin. Sweat is bacteria and each time hockey pads are ineffectively dried bacteria sits in pads only to be reactivated the next practice or game. Bacteria that sits on the on the skin causes clogged pores, sweat rashes and skin breakouts. 

Penealty Kill is made with a few pure and simple indredients and can be used to clean any surface, fabrics, sports gear, water bottles, shakers and even the skin. I use PK to clean everything all the time in my home. I keep a bottle in my purse to clean my hands and deodorize environments I am in.